Jonathan Perkins grew up in Colorado and graduated with double majors from Colorado State University. He moved to Los Angeles in 2005 with a passion for storytelling and began writing screenplays and working on sets. After starting at Alcon Entertainment, he then went on to Dreamworks Animation where he worked extensively in special effects on Kung Fu Panda 2 and Kung Fu Panda: Holiday Special.

Jonathan spent several years in the studio system before launching his independent career in television and film. In 2013, he wrote and produced the action comedy Boone the Bounty Hunter.

In 2014, Jonathan tackled unscripted TV and produced the Emmy-Winning show Stable Wars. The following year he started show running on A&E’s gritty docu-series Wrecking Plan. Next, he was the show runner on the reality competition series Drone Wars (2017), followed by the car restoration series Geared Up (2019). Jonathan has worked as a director, producer, writer, show runner and consultant on numerous projects.

Jonathan also created and runs The Industry Workshops, a workshop series at CBS Studios designed to teach and equip people with the skills they need to work in the entertainment industry. Jonathan is an avid skier, hiker, cyclist and has an overall passion for storytelling and technology.

Jonathan is also a member of the Producer’s Guild of America.